Nail Bed Injuries


The nail is the hard covering at the end of the dorsal side of your fingers and toes. The nail is composed of a nail plate, nail matrix and nail bed. The nail plate is a hard, translucent part of the nail composed of a protein called keratin. The nail bed is the skin that is present below the nail plate.


Generally, nail bed injuries are caused by crush injuries or lacerations.


The symptoms of a nail bed injury are based on the type of injury. A minor injury will be characterized with swelling and pain. Moderate level of injury may cause clotting of blood associated with deeper pain. Severe injuries can be associated with fracture of bones under the nail.


The presentation of nail bed injuries are obvious and does not require diagnostic testts. Your doctor might recommend an X-ray.


The goal of the treatment is to restore the normal anatomy of the nail and the surrounding structures. Pain killers and antibiotics may be prescribed to alleviate the pain and prevent infection.

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