Cavovarus Foot Correction

A cavovarus foot deformity is characterized by a higher-than-normal arch of the inner midfoot. This deformity may produce pain in your heel, ball of the foot and outer edge of the foot, instability of gait, frequent ankle sprains, difficulty wearing shoes, callus formation and sometimes stress fractures in the bones on the outer side of the foot.

The cause for cavovarus foot deformity is usually unknown, but it may be associated with neuromuscular conditions such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, stroke, head injury and polio (viral infection that causes paralysis). It may also be produced by an imbalance in the strength of the foot muscles, causing muscle contractures.

A cavovarus deformity may be addressed by conservative methods, such as with bracing and shoe inserts to raise the lateral border of the foot. If the symptoms of a cavovarus deformity are not adequately addressed by conservative means, your doctor may recommend surgical treatment.

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