Ankle Tenotomy

Ankle tenotomy is a surgical procedure to lengthen the Achilles tendon, enabling the ankle to flex upward which enables the heel to be placed flat on the floor. It is indicated in the treatment of an abnormally developed or shortened Achilles tendon that is difficult to stretch. The surgery is done to restore the normal range of motion of the ankle.

What are the indications for an ankle tenotomy?

An ankle tenotomy is commonly indicated in the treatment of the conditions below, when conservative measures such as physical therapy and splinting fail:

  • Clubfoot: A foot deformity present at birth characterized by one or more abnormally short ankle muscles and tendons that turn the involved foot inward. Various tenotomies are usually performed after the Ponseti method to treat clubfoot.
  • Contractures: Muscles and tendons become stiff after a period of immobilization or due to other conditions.
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